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About Axel Mertens Photography

Canberra Photographer Weddings Real Estate Nature Panoramic Landscapes Portrait Events Photography to your demand from Canberra Australia. Canberra Real Estate Photographer

At Axel Mertens Photography we take pride in delivering high quality images to satisfy your most exacting requirements. Whether it's panoramic landscapes, real estate or professional portraits, we only use the latest high-end digital equipment in order to achieve the required image output.


Experienced in all aspects of real estate photography our fifteen year track record speaks for itself. Only quality wide angle lenses are used to capture the finest interior and exterior images of your home. The photographs we supply meet the exacting industry standards needed for both paper and digital publication.
At Axel Mertens Photography we have the ability to capture the essence of our clients in creative portrait sittings. Professional portraits have been taken for a wide range of prominent Australians including politicians, sport stars and TV presenters.


When photographing panoramic landscape images we still use the finest quality panoramic cameras such as the Hasselblad Xpan 2. Clients have commissioned our panoramic landscape images for both home and office use. They have been used as far afield as Beijing where enlarged, they have been used by government departments to advertise Australian trade shows. Frequently requested as gifts for homesick Australians living overseas, our panoramic landscape images are often taken home in a suitcase as a treasured momento of a wonderful holiday.

Images created by Axel Mertens Photography have been hung in Australian embassies around the world as well as government offices in Canberra. They have featured in international book publications, DVD covers and publications of various formats for companies.

To secure your quality images from Axel Mertens Photography just complete the details on our contact page here . We will be in touch to confirm your order requirements.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you have discovered just how easy and cost effective it can be to own your desired images.

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